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My mission is to ensure that, under my leadership, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office will serve all residents, business owners and visitors with dignity, compassion and fairness, while protecting the civil rights of victims and defendants alike.  We will work together with our community partners throughout the county to preserve life, protect property and promote public safety while managing shared services to support fiscal responsibility.


It is my vision that the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office, as a leader in the Mercer County Law Enforcement Community, serves the entire county with commitment, accountability, dignity, honor and respect. This vision is directly aligned with my own core values, leadership philosophy and the expectations of the sworn and civilian employees of the agency. As the capitol county in New Jersey, Mercer County should be a beacon of law enforcement leadership throughout the state.

How will you improve upon the current administration?


The Mercer County Sheriff’s Office should play a leadership role within the law enforcement community and actively support the County’s municipal agencies — especially in these uncertain times of law enforcement’s vulnerability. Residents of our communities need to know the individual responsible for carrying out the duties of the Office, and as Sheriff I will be accessible to residents, business owners and visitors, ultimately fostering positive relationships.

Transparency and Accountability
I will work to educate our community about the roles and responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office and all of the resources the Office provides for the County. Accountability falls upon everyone in the Office, and that accountability will start and end with me!
Progressive Solutions
Institute an “Open Door Policy” for both sworn and civilian members of the Sheriff’s Office and establish an environment in which they will be heard, ensuring that those working the courts, communities and airport are part of the progressive solutions needed to modernize the services they provide every day.

Previously well-established programs such as K-9, Child Safety Seat Installation and Senior Programs including Project Lifesaver have all declined while the Sheriff Office’s budget continues to increase. I am committed to revitalizing these and many other programs that best serve the current needs of the Mercer County community while ensuring fiscal oversight and responsibility. I will engage with the appropriate municipalities to secure shared services agreements that would help defray the costs of the local agencies and ensure that these important programs are available to those who need them.

Work Together
I will work closely with all municipal police chiefs and directors to understand and support their needs by offering the Sheriff’s Office resources as ongoing shared services or an emergent need.
Break the Cycle

No more “pay-it-forward politics”! I will “modernize” the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office so that it serves the needs of all of Mercer County — not just a select constituency.

What are your main objectives?

The Growing Drug Crisis

Address and combat the growing fentanyl, opioid and heroin epidemic that is in all of the communities throughout the County.

Violent Crime

Focus on the spike in violent crime in Trenton and work with the County Prosecutor and the City of Trenton officials to initiate programs aimed at reducing violence, open air drug sales and other gang activity that have significantly surged, resulting in a near record-high homicide rate.

Rapid Response
Ensure that the Sheriff’s Office takes an active leadership role with the Mercer County Rapid Response Partnership.
Work Together

Work collectively with other law enforcement agencies, community groups and civic Leaders to better assist those in need and make our neighborhoods safer, better places to live in Mercer County.

Why elect Bryan “Bucky” Boccanfuso to the Office of Mercer County Sheriff?

I Believe in the People of this County

As a lifelong resident of Mercer County (born and raised), I believe in the people of this county. I want to lead by example, provide a nurturing work environment where all employees will thrive individually and as part of a greater team, foster personal growth and encourage self-initiated specialized opportunities, such as K-9s, assisting other agencies, a drone unit and a Special Emergency Response Team that will benefit both the Office and the County.

Transparency and Accountability
Our communities deserve transparency and accountability as well as respect. Respect brings out the best in people. Mutual respect is a catalyst for positive change, and with positive change comes a bright future for all Mercer County residents. I will make the Sheriff’s Office a well-respected agency that leads the Mercer County law enforcement community and is held in high regard by the other municipal departments.
Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

I will enhance established and effective programs and develop new ones that fit the modern needs of Mercer County while maintaining fiscal responsibility and accountability.

Work Ethic

I plan to be a full-time Sheriff, leading by example, with active oversight of all programs and being accountable to every citizen in the County. My proven record demonstrates that I am extremely hardworking and not afraid of any and all challenges. I bring the same work ethic, professionalism and personal commitment to the Sheriff’s Office that I have done in all of my endeavors. My support staff will consist of a professional and responsible team of experts with diverse law enforcement backgrounds who will bring unprecedented leadership to the Office.

I am running for Sheriff, not as a politician, but rather as a visionary with the commitment to serve my community while leveraging my professional law enforcement experience to create a safe and prosperous County in which to live, work, play and visit.

Bryan “Bucky” Boccanfuso – Working for the People of Mercer County!